Do Not Pay More for Video Editing Programs

Do not pay more for video editing programs when you can easily complete the job with the help of AVS Video Editor. Do not be fooled by the low price of this software, as it contains all the functionalities of costlier programs of the same category, at a fraction of their cost. For starters, this is one of the rare low cost video editor, which includes an audio editor as well. This allows you to focus on the job as you can edit both video and audio on the same software. Simply drag the video segments on the video timeline and their corresponding audio tracks on the audio timeline, edit as required, preview the result, and export the video. You do not have to worry about the output format as you can seek help of AVS Video Converter to convert videos from one format to many other formats, including those that are suitable for viewing on mobile phones.


Try Before You Buy

AVS offers you the option to try their program before you pay for it. Visit their site to download the trial version, and click on the AVS Video Editor download link to download the software. Install it and try it for a few days. You can rest assured that you will be so pleased by the functionalities of this program that you will not hesitate to purchase AVS Video Editor full version. The full version removes the restrictions of the trial version, which places a watermark of the company on the rendered video. This is in stark contrast to other costly editors that do not offer you the option to download a trial version.

If this is not enough, the simple learning curve of AVS Video Editor allows you to master the software in a few days, by following the easy to follow instructions available on the website of the vendor.


AVS Offers Much More Than Video Editors

You will find a host of other necessary programs on the website of avs4u, which includes:
• Image converter
• Disc creator
• Video converter
• Media converter
• Image converter (allows batch conversion of photo from one format to the other)
• Document converter (convert Word files to text or PDF, and much more)


Check Review Sites

If you still have any doubts about the powerful editing capabilities of this software, check the rave reviews posted by its users on video editor review sites. You will be surprised how such a low cost software can perform powerful video editing tasks even on a low configured personal computer. A PC with 4GB RAM is sufficient for the software to run efficiently. The drag and drop function of this software allows for easy placement of chunks of audio and video on the timeline, move them to their respective locations, synchronize the audio with the video, and complete the video editing job quickly and effortlessly. Instead of paying more for a costlier video editor, try AVS Video Editor. You can use the saved cash to purchase the other programs that avs4you offers that allows you to convert different types of media effortlessly from one format to the other.

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