Video Editing Made Easy with AVS Video Editor

It seems as there is hardly any video composing application that works perfectly as standalone. One often needs to use different video creation programs to generate segments of the video, and then join them all together to compose the final video in a suitable editor. Be prepared for a Herculean task if you are among those who use just any video editor for these tasks. They, most probably, will not be up to your expectations. This is where AVS Video Editor stands apart from the rest. Apart from its capability to handle complex video editing, it also includes a powerful Audio Editor. You need not worry about the output format as this software also has a video converter module, which allows you to generate the output in a video format of your choice.

The Comprehensive Video Editor

The Simplest Video Editor

With AVS, you need not worry about editing and creating the most complex videos as all of the tasks depend on drag and drop. Drag the video segments you want to edit from your hard disk drive on to the timeline and align them to create the perfect video. It is the same with the audio component too as it allows you to easily synchronize the audio with the video, allowing you to include audio FX files effortlessly.

Once these tasks are over, review the final video in the inbuilt video viewer. Before selecting the output format, and the frame per second you want the video to be rendered in, select the output path and folder, and click on the `convert’ button to start the rendering process. The software is so lightweight that you can use it on a computer that has only 4GB of memory… obviously, adding a bit more RAM helps speed up the rendering process.


Try It Today

Why do you not download a trial version of this software from the website of avs4you, install it on your computer, and try it. As there is no steep learning-curve, you will be able to master the AVS Video Editor in a couple of days. Remember, you do not have to pay cash for the trial version. Simply visit their site and click on the AVS Video Editor download link. However, the trial version creates a watermark on the rendered video. You shall not face this problem once you pay for the software and receive the unlocking code via email. Use this registration number to remove the restrictions of the trial version and get AVS Video Editor full version.


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Their site contains reviews about the above programs as well. You can be sure that you will never opt for a different video editing program again once you have used AVS Video Editor and found out how it simplifies the job of video editing.

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